Why Dental Crowns Are Vital for Your Oral Health

Why Dental Crowns Are Vital for Your Oral Health

Aug 01, 2020

Tooth loss, discolored or chipped teeth affect your confident smile. Missing teeth can lead to bone loss and facial distortion, and you require cosmetic procedures to restore your smile and correct your imperfections. Your cosmetic dentist can restore your smile by the use of dental caps.

Dental caps are used to cover your severely damaged tooth, due to decay, or severe infection. It would help if you considered crowns to protect your tooth from further damage.

What Tooth Crowns Are

Crowns refer to prosthetic restorations used in restoring your damaged or infected tooth. They restore the shape of your extensively decayed or severely damaged tooth. It would help if you visit affordable cosmetic dentistry near you for the procedure, to preserve your teeth.

Dental crowns are cemented on your tooth surface, to cover the damaged sections, above your gum line. They are customized using porcelain or resin material to resemble your natural teeth.

Why You Require a Dental Crown

A tooth cap is vital in strengthening your damaged tooth, alignment, and improvement of your smile. Porcelain or ceramic crowns match the shade of your natural teeth and restore the structure of your dental.

Your cosmetic dentist may recommend you for the placement of a crown to:

  • Replace fillings
  • Strengthen a weakened tooth due to a severe decay
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Align your dental malocclusions
  • Restore your aesthetic value and brighten your smile
  • Protect your tooth from further damage

How the Placement of Your Crown Is Done?

You need a few dental appointments with an affordable dentist near you, to undertake a dental crown procedure. The following steps are involved during the procedure:

  • Your specialist removes the affected portions of your tooth, to prepare for the placement of a crown. If your tooth is severely decayed, a tooth core is built for additional support.
  • A custom-made model that’s typical to your tooth impression is molded. The model is made using diagnostic images of your dental.
  • You’ll get a temporary crown before a permanent one is made. Your dentist may create the same-day permanent crown to serve you effectively and avoid sensitivity to hot or cold sensations.
  • The new crown is placed on your teeth, and adjustments are made. If the outlook is appealing to serve your dental needs, the crown is cemented onto your teeth.

Significance of Dental Crowns

Crowns are vital in the restoration of your tooth strength, shape, appearance, and functionality after a severe decay or damage. Tooth caps protect your interior part of the tooth and shield it from damage and infections.

The structure of your tooth is regained, ensuring that you don’t experience overbites, crossbites, and underbites. Crowns seal the gap left from a broken tooth, ensuring no further dental problems. They are vital in transforming your smile and ensuring you regain oral health practices.

Taking Care of Your Tooth Caps

Crowns are vulnerable to damage, and you need to ensure you take care of them appropriately. Proper preservation of crowns will ensure they serve you for long, and you’ll need to consider the following practices:

  • Avoid the intake of hard foods, that ay leading to the formation of cracks on your crowns
  • Floss your teeth regularly to avoid deposition of plaque between your teeth
  • Brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and avoid non-abrasive toothpaste that may damage your crowns. Your hygienist may recommend you to use toothpaste for sensitivity
  • Use mouth guard during sleep and while undertaking rigorous activities, to protect your crowns against damage.

Undertaking Tooth Caps in Eagle Grove, IA

At Moffitt Dental, we recommend you to undergo the procedure if your teeth have no healthy enamel, to support your implant or dental fillings. We are the affordable cosmetic dentistry near you, with state of the art technology to ensure all procedures are friendly to your oral tissues.

We place crowns on your teeth to cover your dental implant, reinforce your tooth after a root canal procedure, and protect your tooth against further decay or damage. Our Eagle Grove dental team is experienced in providing you with the prosthetic devices to hold your bridges and cover misshapen teeth.

Ensure you make an appointment with us to restore your oral health and regain your appealing smile. We are devoted to providing you with exceptional cosmetic procedures in Eagle Grove, IA. Please visit us today!

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