What Does Prosthodontistry Involve?

What Does Prosthodontistry Involve?

Jan 01, 2021

A prosthodontist is a field of dentistry that focuses on missing teeth. Prosthodontists are trained medical professionals that specialize in tooth restoration. Prosthodontic dentistry deals with jaw or tooth loss problems. A prosthodontist is your to-go person if you need dentures or any form of tooth restorations.

These professionals care about both the functionality and appearance of your gums and teeth. Besides fixing your dental problems so you could have an ideal bite, they also ensure your teeth have an attractive, and most importantly, a natural look.

Differences Between A Prosthodontist And General Dentist

The significant difference between these two professionals is their level of training. Compared to a general dentist that has only received basic training, a prosthodontist receives extra specialized training and knowledge. After attending dental school for four years and becoming a Doctor of Dental Surgery, you will need an additional three school years that are ADA-approved to become a prosthodontist.

While a prosthodontist focuses on restoration and specific dentistry areas, a general dentist does the basics to keep your gums and teeth healthy and function. If your dental issue requires some special treatment, your dentist is likely to refer you to a prosthodontist.

Dental Issues Handled By Prosthodontists

From cleft palates to snoring disorders, prosthodontists can handle a wide range of dental problems. Here are some of their areas of specialization:

Tooth Reconstruction

Damage to the teeth could result from trauma, decay, or several other factors. If you have damaged teeth, your Prosthodontist in Northcentral Iowa, will restore their functionality and appearance. Need a crown after root canal therapy? This is the specialist that will fix it. Prosthodontics also fixes veneers and dentures. They also alter your teeth shape using bonding agents. With this procedure, you can close small teeth gaps, reshape misshapen teeth or change your smile appearance.

Implants And Bridges

If you have missing teeth, you do not have to remain with those gaps, thanks to restorative dentistry. Depending on the best treatment plan for you, your prosthodontist at Moffitt Dental will choose between a bridge and implant. Dental bridges are a collection of crowns linked to form one unit. The bridge is anchored to healthy teeth on the gaps’ sides to create an appearance of healthy teeth devoid of gaps. It would be best if you remembered that with this restorative dentistry option, regular cleaning is required.

Implants are quickly replacing bridges as the most popular method of replacing missing teeth. A dental implant comprises an artificial tooth and titanium post fixed to your jawbone, making it a permanent part of you. This way, it will be hard for people to notice. Also, you are saved from the embarrassment of removing it during meals.


Also referred to as false teeth, dentures are prosthetic devices that are created to replace missing teeth. These replacements are removable and exist in two types: partial and complete dentures. Your prosthodontist will recommend complete dentures when you have lost all your teeth. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are used when some of your natural teeth are left. To come up with custom dentures, your dentist makes impressions of your jaw, taking your teeth’ movement into account. They then create models from the impressions and see if they are a perfect fit before casting the final denture that is then fitted in your mouth.

TMJ Disorders

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint connecting your lower jaw to the skull. Therefore, TMJ disorders result when there is a pain in the jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movements. TMD patients will often visit prosthodontists to help reduce pain. Your prosthodontist may recommend bite guards to keep the pressure on the TMJ low, physical therapy regimens, or medications that could help relieve the pain.

Finding The Right Prosthodontist Near You

If you need a top prosthodontist, Moffitt Dental is your to-go dental clinic. Because our specialist is licensed and has the proper training, you are assured of the best results. Do not wait for matters to escalate before seeking medical help. Here, we also offer maxillofacial prosthodontics to our patients. Are you ready to schedule your appointment? Call us today and book an appointment.

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