Smile! It’s National Dentists Day on 6th of March

Smile! It’s National Dentists Day on 6th of March

Mar 01, 2020

There are various dates we have set to celebrate important events. Dentist’s day should not be left out. On this day, 6th March, every year, clients and dentists at Moffitt Dental come together to celebrate the incredible work of dentists on oral hygiene.

While a number of people have fears about visiting a dentist, these medical practitioners have played a significant role in the well being of your dental health. So, what exactly is “Dentist’s Day”?

What is Dentist’s Day?

Dentistry works dates way back from 2300 BCE, with the first-ever to be recorded professional dentist being an Egyptian named Hey Ra. He is known to have practiced dentistry and helped people with common tooth problems such as cavities and toothaches.

It was not until in 1723 when a French Surgeon, Pierre Fauchard alias “The Father of Modern Dentistry” emerged.

Dentistry is an ancient profession that has dramatically evolved with technological advancement. Did you know that in 2015 dentistry was ranked number one among the top jobs that year?

Why should you celebrate National Dentists day?

Your dentist doesn’t always pop up to mind unlike other professionalisms, but there are few reasons as to why you can honor these helpers. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • Pain relief – Mouth pain can be excruciating and distressing, which can interfere with your sleep. Professional emergency dentist offers a quick getaway from all that and restores your dental health back to normal.
  • Caring for kids – Dentists give attentive care and positive attendance to your kids every time during a visit. This offers lifelong oral health for your kids as they immediately become positive concerning dental check-ups
  • Soothes fears – A lot of people, including adults, live in fear of dental checkups to avoid the agony of dental procedures. Dentists and their staff offer reassurance and solutions to your dental problems in the friendliest way there is.
  • Assist pregnant women – Moms-to-be schedule appointments with their dentists even before their newborns. This is to avoid complications like developing gingivitis and other oral conditions that come about with pregnancy.
  • They help with nutrition – You might not be aware of the types of food to take to strengthen your teeth and overall oral health. A dentist will recommend and also give you some more healthy alternatives for your teeth.
  • Dentists perfect your smile – Sometimes, teeth can grow in bizarre patterns lowering your esteem when you smile. A dentist can easily detect this and determine if you or your child need teeth whitening, braces, or dental veneers. They help you achieve the perfect shiny smile.

How can you celebrate National Dentists Day?

It’s every dentist’s pleasure to receive a sincere “thank you” after a dental procedure on a patient. There are a number of thoughtful ways you can celebrate them during this great day to show your appreciation for their work. Below are some of them.

  • Reveal to your dentist that your dental health regime has improved
  • Make sure you oblige to healthy oral habits
  • Raise awareness of your family and friends about the benefits of dental care. You can teach children new tooth brushing songs.
  • Contact your emergency dentist for a check-up
  • Give happy smiles. Pose out your dentist’s work to others
  • You can send a thoughtful thank you email to your dentist
  • Locate a charity offering free dental services and donate to it
  • Catch an instant selfie with your dentist and post it on your social media account, thanking them

For the dentists, you can:

  • Post tips on the benefits of dental care
  • Upload a short video of yourself on how much you adore dentistry
  • Thank amazing patients and members for their continued support in your career
  • Record an enlightening video on how to pursue a dentistry career
  • On all your posts that day add the #NationalDentistsDay

Here are quick oral care tips you don’t want to miss

  • Have dental visits twice a year, as your dentist recommends
  • Daily floss your teeth
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes
  • Ensure a balanced diet, and cut on eating and drinking sugary foods in between main meals
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