Beneficial Information You Must Have About Digital Dentures

Beneficial Information You Must Have About Digital Dentures

Jun 01, 2021

Are you considering dental restorations with complete or partial dentures? You likely have lost some or all your teeth and think dentures are the best option available according to your circumstances. You may think about going through the arduous procedure of getting conventional dentures from dentures near me. However, you will likely be surprised when you visit the dentist and receive information to have digital dentures using state-of-the-art technology.

If you are not aware of digital dentures, dental prosthetics are created digitally from start to finish. You don’t need to give any impressions of your mouth because the Eagle Grove dentist scans your mouth to make your dentures. The scans are in a computer and printed using 3D printing technology.

The Making of Digital Dentures

Advances in dental technology currently enable dentists to design the teeth of digital dentures on software. In addition, the technology allows complete personalization. For example, if you have an image of your teeth’ appearance, the picture helps to personalize the style of your digital denture teeth.

The process of digital denture utilizes a scientifically proven way to assess how your teeth should bite together. The technology also evaluates much other spacing and cosmetic issues with your teeth. The technology even determines the spacing between your teeth.

After scanning and assessing your dental requirements, the digital denture is crafted out of a solid block of hard resin which does not shift or change when curing. As a result, digital dentures provide a better fit to your palette and mouth tissues than traditional dentures. When you eventually receive the digital denture aligned correctly with your bite feeling good, you feel more comfortable with the technologically advanced dental appliances.

Do Digital Dentures Appear Different?

Your appearance remains the same when you decide in favor of digital dentures. The dental appliance is created to appear natural-looking, and after designing the digital denture using state-of-the-art dental technology, your denture design is saved permanently. If you ever have to replace your digital denture, you can rest assured the next set appears identical to the first set. No differences are visible to anyone with digital dentures.

What Happens If You Break or Lose Your Digital Dentures?

Dentures, whether digital or traditional, are prone to accidents and breakages. If you have lost or broken traditional dentures, you must begin the impression process with your dentist all over. However, if you break or lose your digital denture, you merely need to call the Eagle Grove dentist to have replacements ready for you in a couple of days.

Digital dentures are created from durable material and are less likely to break or suffer damages. Even if you confront an accident, you can contact dentures near me to have replacements ready for you by making a phone call.

How To Get Digital Dentures Made?

We will likely surprise you by stating digital dentures merely need two appointments with your dentist to have them made. A digital record is taken for your dentures during your first appointment. The digital process eliminates the need for the earlier lengthy dental process of having dental impressions made and visiting the dentist for multiple appointments to ensure the images are okay and confirm the fit. The digital record is why replacements are also quick and easy with digital dentures. You receive your digital dentures during your second appointment.

Are Digital Dentures Durable?

If you decide to have traditional dentures, you must replace them every 5 to 7 years. Digital dentures also need replacements. However, as they are made from more robust material than conventional dentures, they last longer than the traditional variety.

Which Option Is Better Digital or Traditional?

Advances in dental technology now enable you to select digital dentures, offering you many advantages over traditional dentures. Let us give you some reasons why you must prefer digital dentures.

Traditional dentures are uncomfortable and provide limited customization. In addition, they take a long time to replace if damaged or broken.

Which denture you choose is eventually your decision, but you must consider the features of digital dentures before you decide on any option.

Digital dentures offer better comfort, fit, bite, fewer appointments and adjustments, and complete personalization options. Digital dentures are also quick to replace than traditional dentures.

Before you decide on any option, it would help to visit the dentist in Eagle groove for consulting about digital dentures. We are confident you will return convinced digital dentures are the future and the option you must choose for replacing your missing teeth.

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