8 Important Facts About ClearCorrect® You Must Know

8 Important Facts About ClearCorrect® You Must Know

Dec 01, 2020

Most teeth imperfections cause a lack of self-confidence in people of all ages. Not having a perfect smile can have a serious effect on your social life. Everyone should have a beautiful smile. With a perfect smile, you will smile without any fear and interact with your peers.

Currently, many treatment options can fix teeth misalignment. It is important to note that not all treatment options will work for you. Clear correct aligners are a popular option that can treat teeth misalignment. It is an effective treatment option that will ensure you have a beautiful smile.

This article has all the information you need on this treatment option. You will have the right information that will help you achieve that perfect smile. Read on to get the right information about this option.

What is ClearCorrect®?

This is an effective orthodontic treatment option that aims at correcting misaligned teeth. It can also treat other teeth imperfections to give patients a beautiful smile. ClearCorrect aligners are plastic in nature. Patients wear them for 22 hours to fix misaligned teeth. The treatment option is transparent and unnoticeable.

How This Treatment Option Works

This teeth straightening treatment is in four phases. In each of the four phases, our dentist will give you a new set of ClearCorrect. You will need to wear the aligners for three weeks before our dentist can give you a new set. Following the dentist’s instructions in each phase of your treatment is important.

You will need to wear the aligners for 22 hours, removing them only to eat or brush and floss teeth. These aligners are transparent, so people won’t notice them when you smile or talk. You will start noticing the results after several weeks. This is because the aligners adjust your teeth’s position with time.

Our dentist will recommend regular check-ups to evaluate the progress. You will need to visit the dentist regularly until your treatment is complete. The period of the treatment varies from patient to patient. On average, the treatment can take a year or two.

What Can ClearCorrect treat?

This treatment option can treat a range of teeth imperfections. It is a treatment option that has proven effective. You will achieve your dream smile if you follow all the dentist’s instructions. Visit our clinic for ClearCorrect if you have any of these teeth problems.

Spacing Between Teeth

Spaces between teeth can greatly affect your smile. Patients with spaces between their teeth are not confident about themselves. They can’t interact with other people, and this affects their social life. ClearCorrect is an effective treatment to fix this problem.


If your lower jaw sits further than the upper jaw, you have an Underbite. ClearCorrect can fix underbites by realigning your teeth. Underbites can cause serious problems ad will also affect your diet. It is important to visit our dentist for this treatment option if you have an underbite. Our dentist will examine your teeth and put you on ClearCorrect treatment.


This treatment option is ideal for correcting overbites. It will properly align your teeth to get rid of overbites. You will be able to eat, talk, and smile properly after you complete the treatment. Your smile is important, and you shouldn’t live with such teeth imperfections.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth can deny a patient the beautiful smile they want. When you visit our clinic with misaligned teeth, we will put you on ClearCorrect treatment. It is an effective treatment option that can fix crowded teeth. You will get the beautiful smile you have been looking for after the treatment is over.

Invisalign® Braces Vs. ClearCorrect

Both Invisalign and ClearCorrect are effective orthodontic treatment options. When compared to traditional braces, they are more effective and comfortable. There are several noticeable differences between the two. ClearCorrect is thinner than Invisalign. It all depends on patient preferences when it comes to choosing.

Some patients may prefer thinner ClearCorrect aligners. Others may prefer Invisalign, which is thicker. Talk to our dentist in Fort Dodge Iowa about these two options. We are open this holiday season to help you meet your dental goals!

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